Working Through Distractions

One of the most formidable challenges of working largely from home is managing distractions. If you’re me this could be anything from food, to laundry to open Firefox tabs, beckoning me away from my interview transcription (usually transcription is when I am most vulnerable to temptation) and towards creeping random people’s facebook pages (to the point that these are people I am not even really that curious about) and yesterday my discovery of the power of twitter.

It goes without saying that tweeting was quite a distraction for me yesterday, albeit an educational one. I managed to tweet the afternoon away learning all sorts of tweeting tricks such as how to reply tweet and re tweet and following new people, many who ended up reading my tweetup post.

But usually my distraction is not quite so productive, particularly when it involves me daydreaming about unproductive things such as my upcoming trip to California or wondering what I’m going to do this weekend, and how I’m going to schedule my yoga classes in.

It is at moments like these that I sometimes do the stereotypical writer thing and go sit at a coffee shop. One of my favourite coffee shops in Toronto is Jet Fuel on Parliament just north of Carleton. I discovered it while working on an assignment for a travel writing class on Cabbagetown.

Marked by a bright red rocket out front, this little venue is about as far as you can get from chain coffee land. There is no two hour time limit on wi-fi and a more inspiring backdrop (often featuring artwork) than the library.

There is no menu, and if you’re a regular you’re supposed to know not to ask for one. On my first visit, I made this very typical newbie mistake and was told “you tell me what you want, and I’ll tell you yes or no.”

I’ve recently returned to this coffee shop a few times since the editor of one of the sites I am involved with routinely uses this as an office space. With the weather improving and the possible thrill of running into G20 rioters en route (there have been two protests within two days both within steps of my building) I am thinking that I might give Jet Fuel a try too.

Whats the worst that could happen? I could learn more random facts about my unsuspecting Facebook friends. Or I might actually have a productive afternoon, free from the calorific Starbucks snacks that taunt me from where they sit, oozing grease, in their plastic display cases.


2 thoughts on “Working Through Distractions

  1. I’m at work and I always have my Twitter page open. So working from home or not, Twitter will always be a distraction 🙂 Welcome to twitterverse!

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