This blog was started when I quit my job in the middle of a recession to do the one thing I’d wanted to do since I was 19 years old – become a writer. This was originally started as an account of my adventures in this bizarre new life, but I’ve continued it when I eventually joined the workforce again, and quit my job again to move to India. Now it is a record of whatever random creativity (good or bad) I manage to squeeze out while working for the family…in a non-mafia kinda way!

My writing has appeared in Women’s Web, and several Readomania collections – “Twilight’s Children: Chronicles of Uncommon Lives”, “The Readomania Book of Horror”, “The Readomania Book of Crime”, and “The Readomania Book of Romance.” My first solo book, “The Boundaries of Sanity” was published on Kindle in March of this year – it is a collection of five short stories about people who are their own worst enemies – but are survivors of their own actions. Do check it out if you’re okay with fiction that is a little dark 🙂


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