When you’re looking for work time morphs in such strange ways. Weekends seem long, dismal and never ending – because you know the chances of hearing from anyone are slim. Weekdays pass quickly and public holidays become this irritating inconvenience instead of a day of to relax and unwind.

Every moment you are not doing something towards your future there is a twinge of guilt. Should you really be making social plans? Should you really be committing to anything other than your future? How long should you work before allowing yourself to take a break?

Of course once you find work you look back, disappointed that you didn’t take advantage of the time you had off to take care of irritating errands such as getting your passport, or renewing your driver’s license. You wish you had put the in-between hours to better use.

Sometimes we spend too much time waiting. Waiting for our lives to begin, waiting till we get the perfect job or outfit or significant other. We don’t take advantage of our each and every waking moment. Life is short and each second you waste thinking about what could be, is wasting what is right in front of you: the present and all that it has to offer.

One of my resolutions this year is to stop waiting. There is nothing wrong with looking forward to your future. But I want to avoid looking back with regret. When all those things you are excited for to come to be, there will just be other things you are waiting for. And you may well waste that time looking ahead or looking back rather than just being present and enjoying it.

Just a thought for the beginning of the post-family day workweek.


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