Words for Asifa

To the monsters that broke her body:

what twisted state of mind begets

belief of your claim to innocent flesh

in the house of your God, no less?

Was there an ounce of shame lingering

somewhere within your thirst for blood?

Or did you feel powerful when

you shredded her dignity and

squashed the life of a little girl

perhaps too innocent to

believe in an evil and

cowardice such as yours?

Did you feel proud that it took six

of you to tear her apart,

spirit and soul, bones and skin?

What is this darkness without

remorse where human life is cheaper

than a depraved gluttonous hunger

for power over an 8 year-old?

There are no words to articulate,

no torture or torment great enough

to make you feel what she felt

There is only our own self-disgust

and a growing number of

involuntary martyrs,

that bleed pain, despair and hopelessness.

Vengeance will never be painful

enough, to crush this disease that

breeds within our minds.


This does not seem like nearly enough to address the horror of what happened to Asifa, but it is all I have. I don’t know whether to be angry or heartbroken – both seem equally useless against this sickness that plagues our society. How many brutalized bodies will it take us to change? It doesn’t look like that’s anywhere close to happening unfortunately. They gangraped her in a temple and then murdered her, because that’s how cheap human life has become. And there are people who defend the rapists like there is any justification for doing this to anyone, let alone an 8 year old girl. Whatever we are doing it is not enough. I am still reeling from this and I don’t know what else to say except we need to fix this, break off the root of it and crush it forever.


8 thoughts on “Words for Asifa

  1. An 8 year old is nothing but a baby, a baby that has grown a bit is still a baby in all other respects. A man that rapes a child like Asifa is not worthy of even being called an animal. Animals do not rape little children of their own ilk. A monster is an inadequate word to me. I am usually opposed to the death penalty, but would not mind seeing these 6 people die a painful and horrible death. The justice system is laughable. Remember the Delhi Braveheart case?

    1. This is beyond animal behaviour, because animals do not brutalise each other for the sake of torture. I’m having trouble coming up with the adequate language to describe this, because we do not have words for horror like this. These six people I wish the most pain and torment, but it still won’t be enough. It still won’t come close to what they have inflicted on someone else, and for what? What have they gained? The Braveheart thing was horrific and the fact that the worst of the perpetrators got off is distressing to say the least. This has taken nightmares to a new level because it was premeditated, planned and against a child. There is no punishment horrible enough for these six men, nor the ones who gangraped Nirbhaya

  2. I’ve read so much about this lil girl that now I’m short of words. Humanity died a painful death when people started supporting the rapists in the name of religion. I have no words to express….it’s such a numbing feeling

    1. It is numbing and horrible. I am angry, heartbroken and bewildered at the same time. I’m not sure how to react, which is why I put off reading about it for so long. I didn’t think I could stomach it…and I was right.

    1. Thank you for your comment and also for sharing the link 🙂 I read it finally today. I think we all feel the same way, just feel a little helpless about what we can do about it. I’m glad people are raising their voices. It’s at least something rather than nothing.

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