Book Review: Just Another Day


It’s always nerve-wracking to read a close friend’s writing – and especially so when it is writing that has just been published.

Fortunately with Piyusha Vir’s “Just Another Day”, I needn’t have worried at all. This collection of three short stories, Vir’s debut book, is available on Kindle, and did not disappoint.
Vir peels layers of the story off like an onion, revealing deliciously little at a time. All stories start like just any other day, rather nonchalantly, and keep building in the background, till she suddenly sticks in the metaphorical knife and twists it deep.

She has a way of exposing the story through the character’s train of thought, which is appealing, and lends itself to the suspense she builds. These characters are everyday people like you and me, each with their own set of neuroses, each with their own hangups and issues.

I knew I enjoyed this book because I got lost in her storytelling, and was able to disassociate the fact that I knew the author, from my experience of reading. And that is the best feeling, when I can confidently say that a collection is awesome, without feeling the pressure to do so to be nice.

My only complaint is when I got done, I wanted more stories! I look forward to the next collection, and hope Vir continues to surprise and delight us with her tales.

You can buy your copy here:


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