Memories of the Big Move

Exactly a year ago today, I was up till 4am Eastern Standard Time, battling two bursting suitcases. I was yanking out random clothing and possessions, discarding a few items at random and re-stuffing the baggage, till finally both weighed less than 23 kilograms. I collapsed into an exhausted sleep, dreams of logistics, unsold furniture, pendingContinue reading “Memories of the Big Move”

Breaking The Fever: Holding Out for the Delhi Monsoon

There’s a hotness that builds in Delhi, slowly, steadily, and painfully. It starts in April, burning, simmering, slowly into May. By June it rises to a fiery peak, scorching anyone that dares roam the streets at noon. The monsoon, in comparison, is the break of this chronic fever. After three months of what feels likeContinue reading “Breaking The Fever: Holding Out for the Delhi Monsoon”

Key Crime-Solving Tips You Can Only Learn from C.I.D.

I had the pleasure of watching my first C.I.D. episode today. Although I didn’t make it through the full episode, I allowed myself to be led through a fascinating series of plots twists and turns, each packed with ulterior motives, secret meetings, and gory bodies which are often examined in the most unusual ways. C.I.D.Continue reading “Key Crime-Solving Tips You Can Only Learn from C.I.D.”