I’m back

My last blog post was January 16: over six months ago. So much has changed and happened. I started and finished an internship while taking three classes and completing a 60-turned-95 day yoga challenge. I got the opportunity to write more than I hoped, and learned so so much.

I still feel I have so long to go, and so much to learn. But I’ve felt alive, everyday of this absolutely bizarre life that I have led over the past six months. More alive than I ever remember feeling while in the 9-5 grind.

I got the opportunity to meet interesting people, interview the Prince of Pot, write a feature for TalentEgg (who I still write for quite regularly) and cover a panel discussion at the Canadian Journalism Foundation. In addition I have become the assistant editor for a theatre website called Mooney On Theatre, where I’m learning tons!

The most exciting thing that’s happened to me though happened only last week. After an intense (and quite educational) interview/recruitment process I was accepted into the internship program at The Walrus. I start in July, and I’m so so excited.

I’m not sure where I’m going to take this blog, but I am going to start experimenting a little bit, so bear with me, and hopefully keep reading!

Toronto City Guide & Other Updates

Hey Everyone,

I was working on this Toronto City Guide forever…it was a very intense project but a tremendous learning experience. You can read it here.

I also am going to be interning at Eye Weekly starting at the end of March! So it looks like things are finally coming together.

I will keep you posted on my small victories over this strange new life 🙂


New Gig!

So I haven’t updated you guys in a while…hopefully someone out there still is reading this.

I’ve been writing steadily for the yoga website. I’ve gotten out about an article a week, so I now have my own section that can be found here.

I’ve also been hired on as a Freelance writer for a website called TalentEgg. They are an online magazine dedicated to students and recent grads. I am writing both for their Launch (lifestyle) magazine and their incubator (career) magazine. I just got my first article published. You can read it here.

There is a new student blog called Grope TO, which I will be contributing weekly to as well, but it is not yet fully up and running. I will provide details when I have actually published work on there.

Enjoy! At least I am now writing about more than yoga.

Update & Yoga Article#3

Time for an update 🙂

I’m doing my first paid assignment – this website needs as many articles as I can write before Dec 27 about a whole bunch of different topics. It is only $8 per article but it’s better than nothing. I will keep you posted!

I am also supposed to be writing for this Toronto Art & Culture Blog aimed at University Students, but I won’t be able to tell you guys anything more till next week when I meet the girl who’s starting it.

My 3rd yoga article is up and can be found here. I have my own section now! A fourth that I wrote earlier (on relationships) should be up soon too I think.

Next I have to start looking at internships. And register for my classes – that would be a good idea!


At the beginning there was Friendster. Then Myspace, then Facebook, the boom of blogging and finally Twitter.

Then came something that almost brought it full circle, something that nearly marked the end of an era. Then, for a briefly, came Seppukoo, the worldwide virtual suicide network.

While I was in the midst of discovering Twitter I discovered that a new Internet phenomenon emerged for those that want to leave their online identity behind. The website allowed you to commit virtual suicide from Facebook, as a more dramatic alternative to simply de-activating your account. Unfortunately for my curiosity, it looks like Facebook has caught on and blocked it, and also blocked any sharing of Seppukoo links with other users.

Seppukoo was inspired by the Japanese Samurai act of ritual suicide or Seppuku. Rather than die at the hands of their enemies, they preferred to die by their own sword.

Besides the obvious concern that the website promotes something as troublesome as suicide, the concept is quite amusing. You enter in your login information and you receive a memorial page where you can choose your backdrop, you may enter last words and people can leave you final/goodbye messages. There is a top 100 section as well listing the people who have influenced the most friends to commit virtual suicide. Apparently, and fortunately for the indecisive (like me), resurrection isn’t a problem. You can just log back into Facebook and without the need for any sort of superhuman powers, you are a live social networker once more.

Whether Seppukoo will return or not to full operation, it has in some way shape or form, made things come full circle. The most ironic part of all is that you can follow Seppukoo on Twitter.

Yoga Article #2

My second article for Lexi – please see below

Mira Saraf shares with us her views on the question: “is yoga expensive in Toronto?” and the differences between practicing yoga in a studio vs. a gym. Yoga is as much a mental and spiritual journey as a physical one, that might be worth the expense in the long run.

See Is Yoga Expensive in Toronto?

2 more articles and I get my own section!


At the beginning there was Friendster. Then Myspace, then Facebook, the boom of blogging and now, finally Twitter.

I’ll be honest I don’t really get Twitter.

I know it should be useful. In fact, the more I hear about it, the more certain I grow that I am not taking as much advantage of it as I could. However, what exactly it is that I’m supposed to be doing with it I have no clue. Twitter is supposed to be a great tool for bloggers and hence when I was first looking at becoming a writer full time, I signed up. So far (5-6 months later) I am sitting at 2 tweets, following 8 people (one of whom is Perez Hilton) and being followed by 9.

I have this blog now about my adventures of becoming a writer, and I am planning to start another blog with more “real” writing on it. I haven’t linked any of my blogs to Twitter yet. I know I can post my twitter updates on my blog, but I think I would want to post my blog updates on my twitter – would I not? I’m pretty sure there is a way to do this, I just haven’t clicked the right button.

I think back to when Facebook first launched their live feed of what everyone was doing, and I remember wondering, why would I care who so and so made friends with today or that they added the mafia wars application (don’t even get me started on that one) or what they’re doing right now? Even the whole concept of status updates is kind of silly if you think about it. But I still look at what my friends are doing all over the world, and I still tell them what I’m doing. Maybe Twitter will be the same. Maybe all of a sudden it’ll make perfect sense to me to log into a web networking site just to tell my (hopefully more than 9 followers) exactly what it is that I’m doing in 140 words or less.

So I’m reading this article called Twitter: Why So Many People Don’t Get It. Besides blogging, Twitter is apparently great for building a network (an abbreviated LinkedIn?), learning, promotion of events or products, finding jobs, life updates and breaking news. And its true if you think about it, the night after Will.I.Am allegedly hit Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton, Twitter found out before the cops did.

I remain leery of things such as job-hunting on Twitter, but I do think it could be a great tool for me to network and establish my blogs as long as I can get over the awkwardness of having a single tool that is used solely for the purpose of updates. I still don’t think that I will get to the point any time soon where I’m twittering about banal everyday things such as cooking or doing laundry, but I am excited about discovering a whole new way to communicate with the outside world.

I still don’t really get the personal messages “@” other subscribers, but that will be another journey for a time when I don’t feel awkward answering that “what’s happening?” question that stares at me with a wide blank expectant box.


Endings are my weakness. When discussing personal/memoir style articles in our Travel Writing class, we were told to ignore any sort of writing “rules” we had learned in school besides the basic grammar stuff. We were free to use “I”, we didn’t have to follow structure and last of all we didn’t have to have a formal conclusion. I’m good with this, mostly, (i.e. in the beginning and the middle). Truth be told, endings always have and continue to haunt me. I feel that I need to wrap up any sort of non-fiction with a “what we have learned above is…” and in fiction they make me extremely insecure. I can dream up all sorts of situations, complex and simple, but I’m incapable of figuring out how they would work themselves out in a realistic un-abbreviated way. I can build tension till the cows come home but when it comes to conflict (the non-confrontational person I am), I prefer to skid through it at high speeds and wrap-up/conclude as soon as possible, to the point that even now I am having some trouble finishing this little piece on endings. So my goal for the next little while is to work on that skill, try to teach myself to end things properly and fully, even if it means that a story stays unfinished for so much longer, or I need to create fuller outlines. THE END.